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Telescope Help:

Choosing a telescope can be a daunting task, especially if this is your first scope. There are so many options, models, type, accessories, and shops to choose from.

The most important aspect in any telescope is its aperture, the aperture is the diameter of the main lens or mirror, whichever the scope uses. Magnification is not an important factor and beware of telescopes that brag large magnifications, this is usually a sign of an inferior product. The larger the aperture, the better, but also the more expensive it becomes. 

There are a number of shops in Ireland, UK, Europe and the US who are very reputable and will assist you and advise you what telescope to go for given your experience level. Click the icon below to see a list of reputable shops.

If you need help or advice on selecting a telescope, why not come along to one of the club meetings and ask the club members, they'll be more then happy to help you and give you a few  pointers.

The below 4 links are to help you compare telescope sizes, how to work out the magnification given a certain telescope and eyepiece, how to collimate (optically align) a reflecting telescope and a list of shops.