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Club News: 2016

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5th February 2016

The club had it AGM this month, a new committe was elected. It was also decided to change the club years start to September, so that future AGMs are held that month.

14-16th April  2016

Global Astronomy Month 2016

The club ran its annual Global astronomy Month outreach observing sessions over the Thursday-friday-Saturday nights. We were lucky to have clear skies on all 3 nights. We managed to see the planet MErcury before it set and observed the transit of Io across Jupiter. great views of the Mon were had, there were many memebrs of the public at it due to the good weather. 


1st September 2016

The club held its AGM and a new committee was elected and some new members welcomed into the club. This was an open night and it ended up been a discussion on observing targets for the up and observing starparties. 


3-4th September 2016

Burren StarParty 2016, weekend 1

BSP, this year we decided to run 2 weekends for the Burren Starparty in an attempt to increase the odds of having a clear sky. However this weekend ended up been cloudy so no observing was done. We still showed up at the Dolmen carpark in the hope and caught a few glimpses of the Milkyway.


30th Sept - 1st Oct 2016

Burren StarParty 2016, weekend 2

BSP, we're hoping for clear skies for this event, please keep and eye on our facebook page for up to date news on this event.

08th October 2016

IOM (internation Observe the Moon night)

The club will be running a public observing session at O'Callaghans strand on the Saturday night, from 8pm onwards, there will be a nice Moon in the sky for us to set our telesciopes on. Members of the public are welcome to this free event, weather dependent, Please keep an eye on our facebook for news on this nearer to the event.