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2017 Shannonside Astronomy Club 
Burren Starparty (BSP)

15th & 16th of September

And / Or

22th & 23rd of September

And / Or

20th & 21st of October

This year we are provisionally going to have 3 dates for the star party in mid September and late October near the new moon. We are doing this because of the poor weather in previous years. Depending on the weather forecast in the week before either of the three weekends we will make a call on going ahead with the star party.

The club will be holding night sky observing sessions, starting at 8pm and lasting well into the night, weather permitting. If the weather is not favourable, we'll cancel the observing in advance. Keep an eye on our facebook page for the latest updates.

The Burren is one of the darkest sites in Ireland and western Europe, making it a superb location for astronomy. The club telescopes are available for anyone who doesn't have a telescope and  club members will have their telescopes there also.
There will be a brief discussion before observing about the night sky at the 
observing site. 
This is a
FREE event

Currently we are planning to go observing on

FRIDAY 20th & SATURDAY 21th of October 2017

We will make a final call on 19th October, when we have a better idea of the weather.

Observing Location: Poulnabrone Dolmen Car Park.
GPS: 53.047077, -9.140397, Google maps link
If the weather is not good, we will abandon the observing 
and go back to Logues Lodge in Ballyvaughan.

Before we begin observing with the telescopes, a quick open air talk will be done 
to show what constellations, stars and planets are visible.
We'll also have a BBQ to set you for the long night of observing ahead!

If you have your own scope or binoculars please bring them along.
There will be designated parking and areas for scopes.
Please follow our direction with regards to this for health & safety.
Click the thumbnails below for the layout.

Dolmen Car Park Overview.jpg (89138 bytes)      Dolmen Car Park.jpg (305834 bytes)

lightpoll.jpg (305834 bytes)

moonlit.jpg (305834 bytes)

Observing site, lit up by a winter full moon.

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