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Previous Years Starparties: 


The 2014 Starparty - click here for more details

The 2016 - 2011 Starparties - no speakers, purely an observing event on both nights in a weekend in Septerber/October.. 

The 2010 Starparty - click here for more


Thomas Bopp (USA), Co-discoverer of the famous Comet Hale-Bopp 
Robin Scagell (UK), Author and frequent contributor on skynews
Mike Hinchey Director of NASA’s software engineering lab
Frank Ryan Shannonside Astronomy Club


The 2009  Starparty - click here for more


Chuck Wood (USA), Sky and Telescope, Lunar picture of the day (LPOD)
Piers Bizony (UK), Sky at Night magazine
Kevin Nolan Planetary Society.
David Lillis Shannonside Astronomy Club


The 2008 Starparty - click here for more


Ian Ridpath (UK)
Damien Peach (UK)
Judith Pipher University of Rochester, NY,  USA
Niall Smith CIT, Cork
Dr. Arron Golden NUI, Galway
Lorraine Hanlon UCD, Dublin
Sally Russell (UK)
Deirdre Keleghan  Irish Astronomical Society


The 2007 Starparty - click here for more


Dr. Chris Lintott BAA (UK), Sky at Night
Dr. John Mason BAA (UK)
Sue French (USA) Sky & Telescope
Kevin Nolan Planetary Society
Dr. David Asher Armagh Observatory
Dr. Catriona Jackman UCD, Dublin
Dr. Peter Gallagher TCD, Dublin
Dave Mc Donald  Kildare Astronomical Society


The 2006 Starparty


Richard Horton


Paul Callanan

UCC, Cork

Jane Jones


Andy Shearer

NUI, Galway

Marcus Chown


Jack Triple Nickel


Niall Smith

Blackrock Castle Obs, Cork


The 2005 Starparty


Michael McKay ESA
Deirdre Kelleghan Irish Astronomical Society
Mike Redfern NUI, Galway
Pat Rochford (USA)
Nic Szymanek  (UK), Imager
Guy Consolmagno Vatican Observatory
Wil Tirion (Netherlands) Cartographer


The 2004  Starparty


Storm Dunlop (UK), author
Turlough Downes DCU, Dublin
Cor Berrevoets (Netherlands), Registax author
Leo Enright (Dublin), science broadcaster
David Whitehouse (UK)
Sara Russell (UK)
Simon Morris Univ of Durham, UK
Stephen O'Meara (USA) Sky & Telescope


The 2003 Starparty


Fred Espenak Goddard SFC, USA, aka Mr Eclipse
J Kelly Beatty (USA) Sky & Telescope
Chris Lawton (UK), Author
John Mason BAA
Don Pollacco Queens Univ, Belfast
David Levy (USA) Sky & Telescope, comet hunter
Aaron Golden NUI, Galway


The 2002 Starparty


John Dobson (USA),San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers, Inventor of the Dobsonian (dob) telescope


The 2001 Starparty


Halton Arp USA, Arp galaxy catalogue
Andrew Newsam John Moores University, Liverpool, UK
John Flannery/Patricia Carroll/John O'Neill Irish Astronomical Society
Mike Edmunds Cardiff University, UK
Kenneth Woods (UK), Lecturer
Jack Newton (Canada), Imager
Frank Prendergast DIT, Dublin


The 2000 Starparty


Mike Bailie Queens Univ, Belfast
Julian Barbour (UK)
Neil Bone BAA
John Brown Univ of Glasgow, Scotland
David Eicher Astronomy Magazine, USA
Gordon Love Univ of Durham, UK
Brian Harvey Irish Astronomical Society


The 1999 Starparty


David Fegan UCD, Dublin
Archie Roy Univ of Glasgow, Scotland
Niall O Murchu UCC, Cork
Gerry Gilmore Inst of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK
Pam Spence FAS (UK)
Lorraine Hanlon UCD, Dublin
David Asher Armagh Observatory


The 1998 Starparty


Paul Callanan UCC, Cork
Paul Money (UK)
Peter Rea (UK)
Chandra Wickramasinghe UC Cardiff, UK
Roger Davies Durham Univ, UK
Bill Napier Armagh Observatory
Peter Hazlett Irish Astronomical Association


The 1997 Starparty


Michael Tubridy Irish Astronomical Society
Alan Chapman Univ of Oxford, UK
Andy Shearer UCG, Galway
Arnold Wolfendale Univ of Durham, UK
John Mason BAA (UK)
Peter Lunn West Yorkshire AS, UK
Alan Fitzsimmons Queens Univ, Belfast
Ian Short Armagh Observatory


The 1996 Starparty


John Roche Univ of Oxford, UK
Mark Bailey Armagh Observatory
Michael Tubridy Irish Astronomical Society
G McClelland Univ of Limerick
Evert Meurs Dunsink Obs
Paul Doherty (UK)


The 1995 Starparty


Partick Moore BAA (UK), Sky at Night
Paul Mohr UCG, Galway
Brigid Roden/Michael Tubridy Birr Castle Demesne/IAS
Brendan Byrne Armagh Obs
Gerry Gilmore Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK
Niall Smith RTC, Cork


The 1994 Starparty


Martin Gillick Tullamore Astronomical Society
John Flannery Irish Astronomical Society
Mike Murphy Shannonside Astronomy Club
John Rowlands CfDS (UK)
John Fitzsimons Sligo Astronomy Club
Tom Bonner Shannonside Astronomy Club
Paul Bracken Planetary Society
Niall Smith RTC, Cork
Tony O'Hanlon Shannonside Astronomy Club


The 1993 Starparty


Sean Fitzgerald Cork Astronomy Club
Ron Liversey BAA (UK)
John Flynn Armagh Planetarium
Tom Bonner Shannonside Astronomy Club
Phil Samways Shannonside Astronomy Club
Paul Mohr UCG, Galway
Sean Robbins Tullamore Astronomical Society
John Flannery Irish Astronomical Society


The 1992 Starparty



The 1991 Starparty


John Mason BAA
Sam Lyttle Irish Astronomical Association
Ian Griffin Armagh Planetarium
Colm Cannon Astronomy Ireland


The 1990 Starparty


Ian Elliott Dunsink Obs
John Flannery Irish Astronomical Society
Robert Campell Tullamore Astronomical Society
Terry Moseley Irish Astronomical Association
Peter O'Connell/Austin Hastings Cork Astronomy Club
Phil Samways Limerick Astronomy Club
Susan McKenna-Lawlor Maynooth Univ


The 1989 Starparty


Patrick Wayman Dunsink Obs
Jan Cap Cork Astronomy Club
Dominic Doyle Irish Astronomical Society
Bruce Hardie Irish Astronomical Association
Hermann van Bellingham Schull Planetarium, Co Cork
Grattan Bannister West Cork Astronomical Society
David Beesley Irish Astronomical Association
Paul Bracken Irish Astronomical Society


The 1988 Starparty


Peter O'Connell Cork Astronomy Club
Ian Ridpath SPA (UK)
David Beesley Irish Astronomical Association
Sam Lyttle Irish Astronomical Association
Dominic Doyle Irish Astronomical Society
Tony O'Hanlon Limerick Astronomy Club
Patrick Wayman Dunsink Observatort


The 1987 Starparty


Mike Murphy Limerick Astronomy Club
Peter Grimley Maynooth Univ
Tony O'Hanlon Limerick Astronomy Club
Joe Heelan Limerick Astronomy Club
Martin Radcliffe Armagh Planetarium
David Moore  Irish Astronomical Society


This list is not yet complete, if you have additions/corrections you'd like to add, 
email them to the webmaster.

Many thanks to John O'Neill (IAS) who had the foresight to keep the fliers of every starpary he attended.