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Whirlpool Starparty (WSP) notice:

Shannonside Astronomy Club  ran the (Whirlpool) Starparty for many years and we have been very lucky to have played host to some wonderful speakers & guests including, John Dobson, Nick Szymanek, David Levy, Sir Patrick Moore, Dr. John Mason, Cor Berrevoets, Dr. Chris Lintott, Ian Ridpath, Damian Peach, Wil Tirion to name but a few!

We like to take this opportunity to say that it is not without some considerable committee discussions and debate that the decision to change the format and location of our yearly starparty, which has become so very well established and connected with Birr was taken. The committee would like to thank Lord Rosse for his patronage and use of the castle grounds for the observing nights and also the Birr office of Shannon Development for their support over the years.

With that in mind and in the spirit of good will, the SAC committee have decided to gift the name of our starparty to the  Birr Castle Demesne and if his Lordship sees fit to continue to allow star party's under the name 'Whirlpool' and without any affiliation to SAC to be run in Birr and his castle grounds as before, then we sincerely wish his good self  and any future organizers of any such event the very best of luck and success.

Note: 2008 was the last year SAC ran a WSP in Birr. All other events (irregardless of their name) run at Birr after 2008 are in no way affiliated with SAC.