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Club News: 2004

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8th June 2004

Transit of Venus across the Sun.

The club had an observing session in Boher, county Limerick to watch the first transit of Venus since the 19th century. The transit started soon after sunrise, there were some light clouds in the area but as the sun rose, it burned off the clouds and we all had a great view of the transit, right up to the end in the afternoon. No blackdrop effect was seen, it was a fantastic and memorable event, one we'll never forget.  Images below are by Dave Lillis.

Listed from left to right, Dave Lillis, Michael O'Connell, Conn Buckley, Tony O'Hanlon

Equipment used, from left to right
4" F5 Celestron refractor
12" Meade LX200
8" Meade LX90
90mm Meade ETX90
8" Celestron C8


18th September 2004

Whirlpool Starparty

Here are some pics of this years star party. Some well known speakers atteneded such as Stephen James O'Meara of sky and telescope fame, Storm Dunlop, Leo Enright, and Corr Berevotts, the author of the game changing image processing software, registax.

This year we had an extensive meteorite collection on display, including a little piece of Mars itself (top 2 pics)