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Previous Meetings:


2017 Meetings

2017 Date Topic Speaker
JANUARY 12th Venus-Neptune-Mars watch Observing session from Mary I
FEBRUARY 2nd Venus-Mars watch and "Constellations" talk Tony O'Hanlon (SAC)
MARCH 2nd Astronomical sketching the Sun, Moon, Stars and other stories Deirdre Kelleghan (IAS)
APRIL 6th Uranography - Pen and ink to computer graphics - A personal Journey Mike Swan
MAY 4th Amateur astronomers conducting real science Dave Grennan
JUNE 1st Astrophotography / Imaging and processing TBD
JULY 6th Open Night
AUGUST 3rd Solar Eclipse Chasing in the US Dave Lillis (SAC)
SEPTEMBER 7th AGM + general meeting
OCTOBER 5th Einstein made (Relatively) simple Brian MacGabhann (GAC)
NOVEMBER 2nd The Earth in Space Dr Angela Cloke-Hayes (MIC-SAC)
DECEMBER 7th Dawn mission to Ceres and Vesta Paddy Stack (KAS)

2016 Meetings

2016 Date Topic Speaker
JANUARY 14th A Serious Talk on Space Cartoons Shea Morrissey (SAC)
FEBRUARY 4th AGM + general meeting
MARCH 3rd Space Tourism Gordon Lalor (SAC)
APRIL 7th An Introduction to Astrophotography Dave Lillis (SAC)
MAY 5th Discovering Exoplanets Tony O'Hanlon (SAC)
JUNE 2nd Noctilucent Clouds Gordon Lalor (SAC)
JULY 7th Exoplanets and the potential of life Tony O'Hanlon (SAC)
AUGUST No Meeting
SEPTEMBER 1st AGM + general meeting
OCTOBER 6th Open telescope equipment night
NOVEMBER 3rd Projects Mercury and Gemini David Lillis (SAC)
DECEMBER 1st TBD Donal O'Sullivan (SAC)

2015 Meetings

2015 Date Topic Speaker
JANUARY 8th A Beginners Guide to the Planets Gordon Lalor (SAC)
FEBRUARY 5th AGM + general meeting
MARCH 7th The March 26th 2006 IFAS Solar Eclipse Trip to Turkey Dave Lillis (SAC)
APRIL 2nd Antikythea Mechanism Michael O'Connell (MAC)
MAY 7th What Happened with Galileo Shea Morrissey (SAC)
JUNE 4th An Introduction to Astro-Imaging Dave Lilis (SAC)
JULY 2nd Open Night
AUGUST 9th (Sunday) Club Meeting will be held in the Lough Gur Heritage Centre where Tony O'Hanlon (SAC) will be talking about "Starlight - Secrets of our Sun and the stars revealed"
SEPTEMBER 3th Longitude Simon Kenny (SAC)
OCTOBER 1st Building a Star Tracker Donal O'Sullivan (SAC)
NOVEMBER 5th The Ethics of Space Peter Household (Cork AC)
DECEMBER 3th The Growing Solar System Gordon Lalor (SAC)


2014 Meetings:

2014 Date Topic Speaker
JANUARY 9th Next Generation Space Rovers Michael Johnson (UL + SAC)
FEBRUARY 6th AGM + general meeting AGM
MARCH 5th A Beginners Guide to the Planets Gordon Lalor (SAC)
APRIL 2nd The Colour of Stars Shea Morrissey (SAC)
MAY 7th The Virgo Cluster - The Edge of Infinity Tony O'Hanlon
JUNE 4th Quasars and Beyond: A look back in time Seanie Morris (MAC)
JULY 2rd Open Night  
AUGUST 6th Summer Break Summer Break
SEPTEMBER 3th Reeling in the Light Years Donal O'Sullivan (SAC)
OCTOBER 1nd Astronomy Down Under - A Personal Voyage John O'Mahony (SAC)
NOVEMBER 5th Telescope Maintenance Dave Lilis (SAC)

2013 Meetings:

2013 Date Topic Speaker
JANUARY 10th Jupiter viewing Observing session at Mary I.
FEBRUARY 7th AGM + general meeting AGM
MARCH 7th Voyagers 1 & 2, the little probes that could ! Shea Morrisay (SAC) + re-assembly of 12" Dob scope.
APRIL 4th Navigating the nightsky Gerry Garvey (SAC)
MAY 2nd Building my Observatory Dave Lillis (SAC)
JUNE 6th GLORIA Robotic Telescopic Array Martin Topinka 
(University College Dublin)
JULY 4th Video Night Video Night
AUGUST 1st Summer Break Summer Break
SEPTEMBER 5th Stars and Stones Frank Ryan (SAC)
OCTOBER 3rd Navigation: Past, Present and Future Simon Kenny (SAC)
NOVEMBER 7th Celestial Lights: Hunting the Irish Aurora Ronan Newman (GAC)
DECEMBER 5th Open Night (Including updates on Comet Ison) Open to the floor


2012 Meetings:

2012 Date Topic Speaker
JANUARY 12th Observing at the back of Mary I, Jupiter watch. Observing Session
a demonstration of the club website
AGM + 
Dave Lillis (SAC)
MARCH 1st General Q & A's   General Meeting
APRIL 5th Art in Astronomy  Shea Morrisey (SAC)
MAY 3rd Widefield Astrophotography Brendan Alexander
JUNE 7th Moonbounce Simon Kenny (SAC)
JULY 5th Transit of Venus from Norway Michael Johnson (SAC)
AUGUST 2nd Table Quiz Night (Teams) Roy Stewart 
SEPTEMBER 6th Horizon episode showing the space race to the Moon from the Soviet perspective. Video Night
OCTOBER 4th The Outer SolarSystem John Flannery (SDAS)
NOVEMBER 1st The Hubble Space Telescope John Keane  (KAC)
DECEMBER 6th We'll have a short talk on telescopes , how they work and what to get for Christmass. Also we'll be dismantling the optics of the clubs 10" scope in preperation for recoating. Dave Lillis (SAC)


2011 Meetings:

2011 Date Topic Speaker
JANUARY 12th Space Tourism Gordon Lawlor (SAC)
FEBRUARY 2nd Aurora Michael Johnson (SAC) &
MARCH 3rd Project Apollo   Dave Lillis (SAC)
APRIL 7th Lunar Occultation 
Observing Night
Club observing session
MAY 5th Moons of the Solarsystem Roy Stewart
JUNE 2nd Lunar Eclipses Frank Ryan (SAC)
JULY 7th Table Quiz Night (Teams) hosted by Roy Stewart  (SAC)
AUGUST 4th Q&A Open Night
SEPTEMBER 1st The Evolution of 
the Solarsystem
Conan Mc Donnell (SAC)
OCTOBER 6th The Moon (Lunar 100) John Lally  (MAC)
NOVEMBER 3rd Webcam Imaging Dave Lillis (SAC)
DECEMBER 1st Space Weather Frank Ryan (SAC)



2010 Meetings:

2010 Date Topic Speaker
JANUARY 13th A Layman's Guide to Meteorites Michael O Connell (MAC)
FEBRUARY 3rd Space shuttle Ronan Newman (GAC)
MARCH 3rd Telescope night (observing with club telescopes)
APRIL 7th Mercury, Venus, Saturn & Mars Watch (observing with club telescopes)
MAY 5th Open Discussion Night -
JUNE 2nd Building My Observatory Dave Lillis (SAC)
JULY 7th Table Quiz Night hosted by Conan Mc Donnell (SAC)
AUGUST 4th Open Discussion Night -
SEPTEMBER 1st Astronomy on the internet Conan Mc Donnell (SAC)
OCTOBER 6th Charting the Heavens John Flannery (SDAS)
NOVEMBER 3rd The Planets - A beginners guide Gordon Lawlor (SAC)
DECEMBER 1st Basic Astrophotography Dave Lillis (SAC)



2009 Meetings:

2009 Date & Speaker Topic Speaker Details

Jan 14th 
Frank Ryan Jr

Frank will present a talk on 
how to take widefield digital images.


Three years ago Frank began taking images
of the nights sky.
He is now a regular image contributor to  astronomical magazines & publications
such as The Sky at Night and
Sky & Telescope.

Feb 4th 
The Annual General Meeting



Once again its time for our
 Annual General Meeting.

All current members are urged to 
attend and vote in the 2009 committee.

March 4th 
Professor Michael Redfern


IYA2009 in Ireland


Mike is a Professor in the School of Physics in NUI-Galway, Director of the Centre for Astronomy
He is also the single Point of Contact for Ireland for IYA2009.


April 1st 
Dave Mc Donnald


Discovering Asteroid Fiona

Dave recently discovered the second asteroid from Ireland (2008 TM9) - the
first was discovered from County Sligo by Andrew Graham in 1848. So, as well
as having an asteroid named after himself (21782 Davemcdonald), he now has a
discovery which he can name himself.
We look forward to Daves talk about his discovery.

Dave McDonald of County Kildare regularly contributes asteroid data to the
Minor Planet Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Dawn Mission) from
J65, Celbridge Observatory.

As well as running ad-hoc supernova searches and producing light-curves for
extra solar planets, Dave is keen to promote science to youngsters in his
role as a Science Ambassador for Discover Science and Engineering.

May 6th 

Telescopes Explained 

Outdoor Meeting

Weather Permitting!
Dress Warmly.


Everything you wanted to know about 
telescopes but were afraid to ask!
We plan to set up the current arsenal of 
club scopes in Mary I grounds
 to give you a practical 'hands on'
 look at & through each explaining as we go.

June 3rd 
Mike Scully.
'Shooting Stars' Mike is from Kerry Astronomy Club

July 1st 


'Astronomy on the internet'

Conan Mc Donnell



Dave Lillis

August 5th 


Siberian Solar Eclipse

Last year Dave and other Irish astronomers
travelled to Siberia to witness a 
total solar eclipse.
In this talk Dave will tell us about the trip
and the experience of witnessing
one of natures most awesome specticles.

Dave is the current observing
director of S.A.C 

September 2nd 

'Open Night'  

What's to see in the coming month
Astronomy news

October 7th  Time Simon Kenny
November 4th  life in the universe Peter Household

December 2nd

The Christmas Star - 
An astronomers perspective


Frank Ryan Jr

Franks talk will take a scientific look
at the legend that is the 
'Christmas Star'




2008 Meetings:

2008 Date Topic Speaker
Jan 9th Q&A session Dave Lillis, SAC
Feb 6th Starting off in Astrophotography Dave Lillis, SAC
March 5th Satellites Simon Kenny, SAC
April 2nd A.G.M. New members still welcome along.
May 7th Webcam Imaging John O Mahony / Dave Lillis
June 4th Topic TBC Andy Mc Crea
July 2nd Tides Simon Kenny, SAC
August 6th Summer meeting workshop.  Finding your way in the stars Want to learn the constellations, brighter stars and locations of more famous objects?
September 3rd Supernovae Dave Lillis, SAC
October 1st “Is that the Moon! How did it get that get there?” Sean Morris, Tullamore Astronomy Club
November 5th “Galileo, Galileo, who on Earth was Galileo?” Deirdre Kelleghan, Irish Astronomical Society
December 3rd Einstein and the Universe. John O Mahony, SAC