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General Observing/Astronomy Books:

Celestial Harvest
James Mullaney, a catalogue of 300 of the best showpiece objects in the sky, with notes on what they should look like and room to enter your own notes, a good usefull guide for any observer.

The Practical Astronomer
Brian Jones, this is a good all round book discussing everything from how the sun works through to building your own observatory, also contains star maps for the 12 months of the year, Discusses observing techniques and telescopes.

Observing the Universe
Andrew J north, Feel you know the basics of astronomy?, well this then should be your second book, its goes into a little detail on observing, telescopes and a little bit of physics so you can get a feel for why it all works. Contains a little bit of maths, but it can be skipped if you desire.

Ted Smart, a general large format hardback encyclopedia book covering every aspect of astronomy, also covers all the constellation in good detail, lots of colour and great pictures.

Advanced Amateur Astronomy
by Gerald North. Is a great book for getting your teeth in, it covers all astronomy related topic to some extent

Observing Variable Stars
David Levy, a general overall guide to observing variable stars, includes some starmaps, and discusses  particular variable stars and why they pulsate.

Messier Marathon
Don Machholz, Gives examples of the sequence in which to do it and when, depending on what part of the world you are in. An informatine read for anyone wanting to try out this challenge.

Majestic Universe
Brunier & Luminet, a large format hardback discussing the deepsky wonders of the universe using hubble images and images for the biggest telescopes in the world.