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Recommended Reading:

Books here are listed by category, note that this list is a work in progress, If you want to 
include a book here not already listed, then please contact the webmaster. 
The books below are often used by people starting off with stargazing. Collins Gem Night Sky 
is a pocket guide (physically a small book), one you can hold with one hand while you can use your telescope. It comes highly recommended and is an essential part of any starting or experienced astronomers book collection. The Cambridge Star Atlas and Nortons Star Atlas 
are both detailed A4 sized star atlases, both of these books are quiet similar. 
They both show the entire sky in detail, every naked eye star, variable and multiple stars. NGC/IC starclusters, nebulae and galaxies, everything you'd expect to see in small to medium sized telescopes.
Collins Gem Night Sky  Cambridge Star Atlas Nortons Star Atlas